Working with us means partnering with a synergetic team of healthcare advisors. Our group of doctors, nurses and strategists combines broad clinical and business expertise to help you generate measurable, sustainable results. We formulate visionary strategies, chart efficient pathways and implement smart tactics to transform organizations enabling them to compete in the new healthcare reality. We’re passionate about what we do, take a focused hands-on approach and commit ourselves fully to your success.

  • Dr. Summer Knight

    Chief Executive Officer

  • The Innovation Doctor


    Dr. Knight is an innovation catalyst expert successfully founding, rapidly scaling and profitably selling companies in health, IT, education, international security, and real estate. She is an experienced Fortune 100 national medical Executive and Innovation Expert. Dr. Knight works with Comcast leadership to envision strategic relationships that leverage combined competencies to create long-term regional and national impact in healthcare. Knight is often referred to as “The Innovation Doctor,” a strategy-to-tactics executive experienced in F100, government, and startup environments.

  • David Sorin, JD

    Program Strategy & Organizational Change Partner




    David Sorin is a talented attorney and strategist whose entrepreneurial career involves building and transforming companies and positioning them for long term profitable growth. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, David has proven expertise in strategic planning and cultural alignment; innovation strategy and execution; leadership and organizational development; and change management. He brings over 30 years of experience to Firecracker International change through creating a unified strategic vision among stakeholders, building high performance teams and actively engaging employees.

  • Laura Novakowski





    Laura Novakowsk is an executive and entrepreneurial businesswoman who thrives on helping individuals and companies unleash their professional and business potential to achieve dynamic results. Her broad operational and leadership experience across healthcare makes her a true asset to Firecracker International. Laura planned and implemented start-ups for intensive care, post-acute care and acute long-term care hospitals. She was chief operating officer at Catholic Health Partners and served as a subject matter expert in quality, technology and treatment planning. She founded and co-founded several successful entrepreneurial companies.  In addition to the private sector, for the past 10 years has Laura worked with various levels of state and federal government, including the military working in strategy, executive level leadership, healthcare initiatives and culture change with Dept. of Defense, Marines, Navy, Veterans Hospitals to name a few.

  • Charla Wolfe





    Charla brings over 20 years of IT Management consulting, business analysis, and project and program management expertise.  Charla’s experience includes leading teams and delivering projects across diverse businesses, such as international, multi-billion-dollar consumer products firms; pharmaceutical conglomerates; mid-market manufacturing and biomedical research & development companies.  Projects focused on post-acquisition systems and process integration for companies in transition, including managing stalled projects to completion.  Charla also has angel funding and business incubation experience working with start-ups and smaller businesses in health and wellness.

  • Jena Billingsley





    Jena Billingsley (aka The ESSENTIAL) works alongside the Managing Partner and Firecracker Team to support strategy implementation. The epitome of a team player, Jena excels in detail-oriented management and follow through to achieve project goals. In addition to a strong background in military intelligence and leadership, her experience includes organizational management, senior leadership support, compliance operations, and the management of sensitive and classified materials; an ideal skill set that shines through her work as Project Coordinator. Jena’s drive to ensure success is exhibited by her committed support to Firecracker Clients.

  • Jochy Mesa Perez





    An expert in healthcare consumer engagement, Jose “Jochy”  Mesa Perez (aka 007), has a decade of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing and sales in the North and Central Americas.  Fluent in both Spanish and English, Jochy has managed high-level, high-visibility, high-results projects that include launching multiple products in new country markets for Abbott, Abbvie, Philips Healthcare, Roche, Astrazeneca, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Merck Serono, Boehringer Ingelheim, Leo Pharma, Rimsa, Italmex, Teva, and others. His experience spans B:B, B:intermediary, and B:C Sales and marketing and he has conducted entire sales force training for new country products. He positioned in the mexican market one of the most successful company in advertising and medical communication.

  • Ruth Anne Guerrero



    Ms. Guerrero has more than 25 years of project management experience, and specializes in improving the ability of organizations to deliver projects and project benefits as planned.  Ruth Anne’s forte is in standardizing project management processes and promoting ways that the project management discipline can help organizations to improve their project execution and facilitate the attainment of their strategic business goals.  Her successes in managing strategic corporate portfolios consisting of projects that supported new business activations, adherence to regulatory changes, enhanced operations processes, new product development, and software development have been well documented in numerous white papers and project management books.  .

  • Tim Shimer

    Operations Leader


    Mr. Shimer brings 30 years of professional leadership experience to the market serving as Chief Executive or a member of the executive team in companies ranging from angel-backed start-ups to large enterprises across the continuum of care.  These organizations include: Complex Case Management Companies, Acute Care and Specialty Hospitals, Home Healthcare and Hospice Agencies, Durable Medical Equipment Companies, Pharmacies, Health & Wellness Companies, and Telehealth Technology Companies.


    Over the past 15 years he has planned and implemented all aspects of technology programs with thousands of Patient installations with organizations such as: MMM Healthcare, a Medicare Advantage Plan; AmeriChoice, a Medicaid Managed Care Organization; Health & Hospital Corp of NYC; and Metropolitan Jewish Health Systems, as well as 20 home health care agencies and long-term care facilities.




  • Ryan Radick

    Chief Financial Officer


    Richard’s career as a teacher turned entrepreneur has always focused on one challenge; getting others to discover, explore, and successfully utilize their innovative talents.

  • Stuart Segal

    Payer Contract Expert


    Healthcare executive with a rich background in the public and private sectors with a focus on start-ups, turnarounds, business strategy, provider payment models and mergers and acquisitions. Stu has contracted with health plan providers in excess of $4 Billion and lead deal and implementation teams completing over $15 Billion in transactions for major managed care firms and provider groups. He was selected by Aetna’s Chairman to be one of only six members of the Corporate strategy team.


    Healthcare executive with a rich background in the public and private sectors with a focus on start-ups, turnarounds, business strategy, provider payment models and mergers and acquisitions. Stu has contracted with health plan providers in excess of $4 Billion and lead deal and implementation teams completing over $15 Billion in transactions for major managed care firms and provider groups. He was selected by Aetna’s Chairman to be one of only six members of the Corporate strategy team.

  • Jeff Danilo

    Value Base Care Expert


    Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the field of healthcare administration, management, and network development.  Before founding US Healthcare Solutions in 2004, Jeff held executive management positions with Independence Blue Cross (2002-2004), Aetna US Healthcare (1990-2000) and New York City’s Health and Hospitals Corporation (1980 – 1990). Jeff’s payor experience has been in provider contracting, network development and management, provider reimbursement model development including Pay for Performance (P4P) and Gain-Share contract development, national contracting, risk contracting, and in the development of practice management strategies.


    While at Aetna US Healthcare, Jeff served on the integration teams as Head of Core Network Management with responsibility for developing and implementing network integration strategies and network policy after the Aetna/US Healthcare merger and the NYLCare and Prudential acquisitions.  During this time he also played a senior role in the development and oversight of Aetna’s Strategic Contract Management System.

  • Stacy Hines

    Administrative Assistant



  • Chris Allen

    PACE and LT Care


    Chris Allen’s motto is, “Like GE, I bring good things to life.” Her passion is design and execution of transformative products and services for high resource use populations; as a change agent, her forte lies in translating complex concepts and abstract goals into systems and operations that meet consumer needs, deliver high-quality healthcare, and produce outstanding financial results.

  • Laura Flagler



    Laura has over 20 years of combined experience in corporate level project and account management as well as small business financial management and budget planning. She brings a team approach to her role as Account Manager here at Firecracker International. Laura has a well-deserved reputation of being a ‘people person’ which helps foster positive, long term relationships with both teammates and clients alike. While thriving under pressure in Firecracker’s fast-paced environment, Laura’s cool and calm demeanor makes others feel at ease, even in the most stressful of times. A highly-pragmatic decision maker, Laura is one of Firecracker’s most valuable assets.

  • Eva Thoemke

    Graphic Designer